Apr 27

A compendium study of arcade games

On my website you can play online arcade games. Games for an entire family – board games. To develop your logical skills – strategy games.

An arcade games is an ancient games synonymous with coin-operated machines it is mostly seen in businesses like restaurants pubs video arcades, cinemas, shopping malls and grocery stores. Arcade games are dated back as far as 1970 in several locations. However, because of inherent danger of going into these arcades; by late 1980s; the traditional arcade ambiences started fading. By the late 80s, and early 90s, their was a sudden resurgence craze of arcade video games, video games like Street Fighter 11 [1991], Mortal combat [1992] Fatal Fury [1992] by SNK, and King of Fighter [1994-2004]. Technology Arcade games technology is known to be solid state electronics and integrated circuits. Aforetimes coin-operated arcade video game used custom per-game hardware with a complex multiple CPUs, highly specialized sound with a graphics chips and a modern in computer graphic display technology. Modern arcade game hardware is based on modified video game consoles or high pc components. Arcade Niche Arcade games are built to foster certain short but simple intuitive control themes especially where the player had essentially imbibed the role of the avatar and as long as his avatar maintained the role of a champion, the game stayed as the favorite. Arcade games are synonymous with consoles or PCs Nowadays, uses arcade games titles to develop same game for the internet with the aid of Flash/Java/DHTML and run directly in web-browsers. Online Arcade Game Star Wars by Atari This is a popular online arcade game. The concise point is to lead Luke Skywalker to shoot the vent destroying the Death Star. It is divided into three stages. The first stage is the combat between Skywalker and Darth Vader. The second stage occurs when Skywalker got to the surface of the Death Star and he was expected to destroy the entire laser Towers as he can. Finally you have to shoot the exhaust vent on the death star destroying it. You receive a bonus when you destroy the entire Laser Towers You receive bonus when you shoot the exhaust vent without shooting anywhere else. Frogger Arcade Game This is another online arcade game, popular for several years in the traditional arcade community but now built for internet browser. The genre of this game features a frog embarking on a challenging adventure. You control a frog which have to cross a street and river while avoiding several huddles [most notable cars, alligators or snakes] The points in Frogger are determined by: Completing a Jump Forward – 10 points Each part of the remaining clock – 10 points Getting a Frog Home – 50 points Walking a Lady Frog Home – 200 points Eating a Fly – 200 points All Five Frogs Home – 1000 points!


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