Jul 28

Bowman Iphone Game Killing Your Opponent One Arrow At A Time

If youre looking for a simple, fun and addictive addition to your collection of iPhone games, Bowman is a surefire way to keep you entertained. The premise of the Bowman iPhone game is simple youre an archer competing with another archer either human or AI and you have to shoot the other person before he or she kills you first.

Bowman is a classic game, but its iPhone/iPod touch version has updated graphics and come with three different modes: single player, multiplayer and bird hunt. For single and multi-player, your archer is placed on different spots each game, so you have to figure out the perfect angles for your arrows. To shoot the arrows, you need to use your finger to pull back on the string, move it up or down to set the angle and power. Release your finger to let go of the bow, which will then fly through the sky and hit or miss your opponent. Whether you hit or miss, your opponent goes next and tries to shoot your man. Once enough arrows have hit your opponent, you win the game.

The game sounds simple, but Bowman is actually a game of who can judge the angle and strength of the shot more accurately. A head shot inflicts the most damage, while landing an arrow down your opponents chest takes second place. Arrows that land everywhere else on your opponents body would inflict less damage. You and your opponent also have the option to set critical strikes and the number of arrows it takes for the game to end, or an archer to be killed.

The great thing about the Bowman iPhone game is you can play against the computer or against a friend. If none of your friends are on the mood to kill each other, you can invite them to a friendly bird shooting game. With the bird hunting mode, you are given three minutes to shoot as many birds as you can. Once youre done, your opponent tries to beat the number of birds youve killed. The person who shot more birds wins.

The graphics of the Bowman iPhone game is cartoony, but remains appealing. Once an archer or bird is hit, cartoony blood nothing too graphic spurts on the ground and the arrow sticks through the target.

For now, the iPhone Bowman can be downloaded at only 99, but once the updated version of the game is launched, the price will increase to $1.99. The updated Bowman will include distance changes, wind and wall, varying bird speeds, limited power, health bar, limited arrows and a global scoring system, among others. Everyone who downloads Bowman at 99 gets a free update, so if you havent played this game before, its time to get hooked and kill your opponent one bow at a time.


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