Aug 27

Buy Simple Puzzle For Kids To Play As Important Toy

In many parents’ eyes, building blocks and puzzle are the common educational kids toys to develop their intelligence. Yes, you are right, therefore it is necessary to buy building blocks and puzzle for your children in their childhood. In the following article, I will introduce the importance of simple puzzle.

When babies are six months old, when you give them puzzle, they just like to pass one puzzle from one hands to the other hands. In other cases, they also like to put it into their mouth, it seems that they are eating their favorite cookies.

When babies are 12 months old, at the age, their interest on kids puzzle is changed from one puzzle to the puzzle board. They stood up the whole puzzle board and gently place doubled, all the puzzle pieces are scattered on the ground. If the puzzle pieces are packed in boxes, babies would hold the handle of the box and then open the box cover, finally they would pick one of puzzle pieces from the box to play.

When babies are 18 months old, with your help, your babies can put the some large jigsaw puzzle on the corresponding position. You would be surprised they can do it accurately.

When kids are two years old, they are now able to complete some simple and basic puzzle, including vegetable shaped puzzle or animal-shaped puzzle you have bought for them. They can put the puzzle pieces neatly into the corresponding hole. Up to now, they have the ability to complete a set of three puzzles.

When kids are three years old, as you known, their ability on solving common problem continue to improve, under such circumstance, they can handle some complicated puzzles. For example, they can finish the puzzle of picture background or a set of eight puzzle pieces.

In addition, there are still some safety tips. For example, you should regularly check the tree nail on the puzzle pieces to ensure they are firm because dowel can easily cause asphyxia if playing with cursorily. At the same time, when buying puzzle for children, you should ensure the wooden made puzzles are non-toxic.

By the way, in daily life, you would find that some babies are like to spend the whole afternoon to play the puzzle with great interest while some babies are do not like puzzles at all. As parents, you should know that this difference has nothing to do with the intellectual development and please buy your babies’ favorite toys for them.


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