May 27

Download Free Arcade Pinball Games On The Net

Pinball machines as we know them have been around for a long time now, many of you might remember them in Arcades and grill bars where one could consume quarters with friends and play to beat the highscore. The very first pinball’s, going back to 1850 where not coin operated or electricity powered, they didn’t have the flippers like we know them these days. When the introduction of electromechanical bells, chimes, lights and buzzers in the mid 1930’s, the popularity of pinball tables grew largely.
Humpty Dumpty from 1947 was the earliest table to have flippers, this is known as the golden years of pinball machines. From here on the tables later expanded with features like ramps, multiballs, dot-matrix displays and digital sound. The older tables where mostly quite hard but for 1 game you got 5 balls, where most of today’s tables you only get 3 balls. The pinball’s are not as popular today as the golden years. Stern are the only company still producing tables and its becoming a rare sight to see a pinball table. Luckily it is possible to play these tables on a computer, including the old ones from 1930’s. Most tables are emulated. Tables as 4 Square, No Fear, Indiana Jones and many others are available. So anyone out there searching for Pinball games for your computer, look no further. Visual Pinball is free and users recreate or even share their own original tables which are available to search for online. Its a great community. If you like, you can also start creating a very own pinball table and share with other pinball freaks.

Irina Pinball is an original table created with Visual Pinball which tries to maintain focus on the gameplay from the older pinball’s while still blending in the recent features as we know them today. There are bumpers, skillshots and multiballs. The table has topic of a Russian ice skater and a lot of the music during gameplay is sounds of classical music. The goal in this game is to get the highscore. This is done by winning the Olympic gold medal, scoring a 6.0!. All in all a friendly pinball table made for all ages. Have fun!


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