Oct 06

Five Ways to Make Game Night Extra Exciting

Looking for something fun to do Friday Night with the family thats easy and inexpensive? Why not host a family game night? Begin a family tradition that every Friday Night you stay inside and play homemade games. Have your family pick their favorite game by taking turns. Invite the neighbors and friends for a very fun, inexpensive, and casual evening.

5 Ideas to Make Your Family Game Night More Fun.

1. Pick the most fun family games. Read my post on how to choose the family games based on the ages and interests of your kids. Then head over to Chocolate Cake Club to buy some of the best family games around.

2. Add some great food.
Keep it simple by ordering a pizza, or making chocolate chip cookie’s, or create your own ice cream sundae. Indulge in your favorite munchies. If you feel the mood to cook, try out those old appetizer recipes you keep marking and then never use. For the adults, have some beer in the fridge, make a pitcher of margaritas, or try out that new drink recipe. (See Rachel Rays site for some great drink recipes. ) You can make the non-alcoholic drinks for the children. If you invite friends, have them bring a dessert or appetizer to share.

3. Make the party happen. Who says family game night cant include non-family members? Invite the neighbors over and have them bring their favorite family games to share.

4. Create The Mood.
Change the location of game night every now and then, for more excitement. For instance play on the floor or in a bedroom instead of the kitchen table. Put your Jammie’s on and play in Mom & Dads bed. Play in the backyard . Or pitch a tent to host game night. Heres an idea that I received from another Mom play by candlelight. She told me that her kids just love it when they have “No Electricity” night and set up their games near the fireplace or by candles to play.

5. Prizes? I Love prizes!
If youre going to play games, you need prizes. Large candy bars or movie-theater size boxes of candy are great prizes to give to the game winners. If you are playing with younger kids you may need to make sure that everyone wins and receives prizes, but for older kids and parents let the competition begin.

I really hope these great ideas have inspired you to shake up your family game night or start the tradition. What are you waiting for? Let the games begin!


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