Feb 23

Forever Mu Online Game in 3D – Philippines

New season of Mu is now unfolding in the Philippines. Forever Mu brings you lots of excitements; moreover, this is a free to play game, in 3D version. Based on the research, Mu was originated in the Korea. Since this game is absolutely entertaining, many individuals in the different country adopted itwith style. The graphics and the game itself are changing from time to time in order to cope with that Massively Multiplayer Online Role Player Game or MMORPG. In order not to be left behind by the online gaming industry, Mu originators upgrades the game each season. And now the newest and the hottest version of Mu are active.

Forever MU is the newest season of MU originated in the Philippines. What differs from the other past season is that aside from the new weapons and character, it is in 3D. This is the first Mu version that is being applied in a 3D format. What makes it exciting is that this is a free to play game. No cards needed in order for you to subscribe to the game. For the new players, you will be starting to have 60000 stats points with 1,000,000,000 Zen. And if you are a newbie, and then you are going to -switch character,- your used character will automatically reach level 50. That’s how you should start the game.

In the NPC, you will notice that there are lots of new weapons and outfits with full option stats. This is the only version that is providing something like that. Actually, in order for you to start strong or acquire weapons and outfits that are extremely overwhelming, then you should be a donator. The game master will provide you your needs, and surely you will be satisfied. It is guaranteed that when you become a donator, you will begin as one of the strongest newbie players in the game. Full options customs with excellent weapons will absolutely be yours.

The game upgraded when the technology upgrades as well. That is the fact. Most game master’s ride on the technology’s fast pace in order to remain there -owned game- with quality. That’s what most game subscribers are also looking for. The better format of the game with good quality, the more subscribers are into that. And most of all you must stay competitive and withstand them in the gaming world.

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