Dec 02

Forty Thieves Solitaire The Advanced Solitaire Game

Playing cards has been a favorite past time since ages. People across the globe love to play cards and there are hundreds of games that can be played with a pack of cards. The best things about cards is that even a single person can play games that are mind blowing. Card games are usually complicated and need a lot of brain whacking. Solitaire is one such game and forty thieves solitaire is a little complicated version of it.

This game involves stacking up the cards from the Ace to the King according to their suite (all the 12 cards of one suite go together). This is a single player game and as the capacity to keep the player busy for hours and in the worst cases the player may even fail to solve the game. A person can simply play alone and break his records or join a group of people and compete with them. This games scoring is based on the time limit. The scores directly depend on how fast the cards are stacked. Forty thieves solitaire is a 10 column game and involves 2 packs of cards.

Card games provide for good brain exercise. When playing solitaire one needs to think ahead like it is in chess. Planning ahead and thinking quickly is the punch of the game. Playing solitaire can sometimes make you want to bang your head on the wall, if you miss a single card that could be moved from its place. This game is good for the people who love solving puzzles and loads of patience. Because at the end you have trust youre troubleshooting abilities and have a little more patience when it comes to waiting for the right card to pop up and help you out. That is why this game is also known as patience.

There are loads and loads of games available online. Various websites have come up wit different versions of this game. The different versions of the game include spider solitaire, Klondike, Mahjongg Solitaire, Shanghai solitaire, Sichuan solitaire Peg solitaire. There may be many more versions but these are the most popular ones.

So, you can go online and search for the solitaire that you would like to play. Start from the simpler versions that use lesser cards and as you master the art of decking up move on the complicated versions like the forty thieves solitaire, which will keep you busy for hours and days, as long as you love the game.


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