Jun 12

Games For Couples

The couples in relationships tend to appreciate playing games together. As a couple, it helps provide them with some more imaginations to spice up things and giving them a chance to fill a few fantasies. Couples can make their evenings just a little bit special with these games. Naming a few games to play:

1.Truth or Dare- This game allows you to learn a few secrets about your partner, plus it also gives you an opportunity to have some fun. You can dare your partner and ask him or her to do whatever you want them to do. A dare cannot possibly be turned down, which adds real fun to the game!

2.Strip Poker- The game can be said to be best suited for couples. Not only poker, any game can be improvised a bit to be a strip game. Each time you made a wrong deal or may be you cannot afford a rent while playing monopoly, guess you’ll have to take off your clothes each time this happens. Other games can be played though but poker is great fun!

3.Adult Dice- The dice used can be called as the special lover’s dice as they have more than just numbers on them. They range from small dares to exploring, naughty level of romantic and playful combination.

4.Sex Game- There a number of sex games available in the online and otherwise. These games are specially meant to be played together by couples. You have to participate by performing favors, role playing, etc. These are very handy to keep while on a honeymoon or a vacation.

5.Role Playing- This game is one of the highly rated games played by couples. It is always fun to surprise your spouse or partner with different props and costumes. You need to have good ideas while playing this. You can use a jar with chits of paper, having different ideas written on them. Pick a chit and play that desired role for your partner. It is always better to keep your self ready with a few props like a pair of glasses for the librarian, handcuffs for a police officer and a sexy French maid costume would do just fine. The game becomes hotter with the number of outfits and props you add!

Couples don’t need to play the same game every now and then. Play them occasionally to add some spice to your life and help the relationship grow better as a couple.


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