Jul 26

Gross Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are such an important part of any persons life. It is like a bucks’ or hens’ night out before marriage. It is a fun party, just before the baby is born to celebrate its oncoming arrival and to highlight the good times that are coming in the next few years. So to make a baby shower fun, there has to be gross baby shower games involved. This makes it so much more enjoyable than the regular games like pin the diaper on the baby, or bottle bowling. Gross baby shower games involve the gross things about having a baby that can be made hilarious when put into the format of a game.

One of the most popular gross baby shower games is dirty diaper’, where the participants have to guess what is in the diaper, by feeling it, smelling it, even tasting it. You may be thinking that this is a disgusting thing to do, but there is actually just melted chocolate bars in the diapers, which look like you know what. The contestants then have to guess which type of chocolate bar it is, which doesn’t sound like such a terrible task, but when you see a diaper with brown runny gooey stuff in it, you will be thinking differently about the whole situation.

This is just one of many gross baby shower games in which everyone has an incredibly fun time full of laughter and usually inappropriate jokes. Some other gross baby shower games are Guess the Baby Food’ which isn’t so much gross, as it is messy. In this game the contestants form pairs, usually male and female, then one person in the pair feeds the other person baby food while they are blindfolded. This can turn into one of the more gross baby shower games, because being at a party, it can get pretty immature, and the food will gradually get worse and worse as the game goes on, but this does create a lot of laughter in other contestants, so it makes a very fun and interesting gross baby shower game.

You can obviously imagine that gross baby shower games are an essential edition to any good baby shower, as they provide everything that is needed in an amazing and memorable party. This will create a memory for the parent to be that will last a lifetime. So if you are in charge of planning a baby shower, make sure gross baby shower games are on the list of things to do!


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