Nov 01

Guidance About How To Play With Assembling Puzzle Toys

Watching the colorful patterns under one year old
When babies are under one year old, their exercise space is limited because they dont have the mature body function. Therefore during this phase, it is suitable for them to watch some large scale patterns with bright color and clear lines. Toys and graphics with the red, yellow, blue and green colors are the first choice for little babies to develop their visual sense.

Playing assembling toys between one and two years old
When babies are one year old, they are able to walk and their ability of knowing things and images are improved quickly. During this period, parents can give them some simple assembling toys with three-dimensional style to play. For example, there are assembling radish toys in shopping center, which should be the good choice. When playing with such type toys, children have to know the basic concept of whole and parts. At the same time, their muscle at hands can be practiced to become stronger.

Playing four pieces puzzle between two and three years old
When two years old, little babies begin to play the formal puzzle game. At the beginning, they are recommended to play with four pieces puzzle toys. When buying puzzle for children, parents should pay more attention on the puzzle pattern and lines. According to the children development experts, the pattern should be large and the lines should be distinct, meanwhile, color blocks should be obvious.

As parents, do you know how to play puzzle well? Related topic are introduced below.

For babies who have never played with puzzle game, parents should at first demonstrate the complete process of how to piece the four parts together and ask them to observe the final pattern carefully. Then, parents pick up one of the puzzles and move it to the next, babies should be asked to observe the side lines, the color and characteristic of removed piece, finally, babies try their best to put the puzzle back to its original position to form the complete picture. When they are able to finish such process expertly, they have to try to put back two moved puzzles pieces. During the whole process, they should think and solve problem independently.

Based on childrens ability, the degree of difficulty should be increased gradually, from two pieces to three pieces and finally remove all the four pieces and ask children to assemble. All in all, it is good to play such puzzle game from easy to difficult.


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