Jun 30

Hajj Fun Game by Goodword Islamic books A fun way to learn about The Hajj

The Hajj Fun Game, made by Goodword Islamic Books comes in a bright yellow cover with pictures of places of worship. It is a fun way to learn about the Hajj. This Islamic book store through this game aims at creating an interest in one of the great religious pilgrimages, the Hajj. The board contained in the game has a round disc with pictures in many colours. This creates an interest in the game. The Hajj Fun Game also has an instruction card that contains the rules of the game. The cards are in the form of question answer cards. There are 50 cards with questions divided into three categories. Each category has 50 questions and is differentiated by a colour. This game focuses our attention on how to perform the Hajj, places of Hajj and general questions on the Hajj. The object of the game is to collect as many reward points as possible. There are 50 reward cards, each of which carries ten points. Two or more players or teams can play the game at one time. The winner is the one who has collected the maximum number of reward points at the end of the game. The answers are detailed and give additional information. This additional information, given in brackets need not be reproduced in the answer while playing the game. For example an explanation is given in brackets of the Day of Resurrection. That explanation is for our personal benefit and knowledge and need not be mentioned while playing the game. There is in addition a booklet which contains the Hajj and Umrah at a glance. This is based on Shaykh Muhammad Nasiruddin Al- Albani. Players can choose amongst themselves who will play first. Each player should put his or her pawn at the start, which is indicated by the picture of the Kabah at the centre of the playing board. Before the start of the game, the question cards should be shuffled and placed beside the board. This game is an Islamic gift that is ideal for playing among either children or adults. We learn through it that the Hajj is not simply about renunciation and sacrifice but is also an interesting journey. Once increased interest is created in the Hajj, hopefully still more people will undertake it. This Islamic book store thereby tries to create an interest in the Hajj by presenting it as an ancient and modern journey. It is ancient as it has been performed since historic times, while it is also modern as through this unique game we are reacquainted with the Hajj in a modern, entertaining format.

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