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History Of Game Development – How Game Development Came Into Existence

Game Development is a very broad process which involves game developers, analysts, testers and above all the publishers. It can be classified into two groups on the basis of how they are developed.


Mainstream games are normally funded by publishers and take several months to complete. On other hand Indie games are developed by individual developers and can be completed in small amount of time.

The first video games were developed way back in 1960s. They were meant only for mainframe computers and that’s why they weren’t available for general public. Following are some games developed in 1950s and 1960s.

OXO – by Alexander S. Douglas in 1952.
Tennis for Two – by Willy Higinbotham in 1958.
Spacewar – by group of MIT students in 1961.

Commercial development of games began in the 1970 and the first game “computer space” was programmed and sold in 1971. It was a coin operated video game which was displayed on a black and white television.

The second generation of consoles ran on microprocessor and the first game developed was “Fairchild Channel F in 1976”. Home based computers were introduced which saw an increase in development of games as it allowed individual programmers to program different games. The first ever home based video games were Zork, Baseball, Air Warrior, and Adventure.

With increase in the efficiency of a computer system, its processing power and graphical capabilities many large firms were now marketing and developing games at their ends.

Game Development is actually a Software development process which combines art, audio and gameplay. Developing games takes slightly different way and normally it doesn’t follow Waterfall model of Software Development Life Cycle.

Agile Methodology is often used to develop games. It gives a solid platform which makes a game efficient and bug free. It’s mainly based on iterative process and a constant feedback system is there which rolls back any errors or shortcomings in the beginning of development phase.

Video Game Development is one of the most evolving and ever-increasing industry. The industry revenue has increased at least five fold since the 1990s. The major factor behind this success is the development of third generation of consoles which are popular in every household.

Following are some of the best Game Publishers:

Take Two Interactive
Electronic Arts
Activision Blizzard
Square Enix

Gaming Industry is very competitive and unstable. It requires a lot of hard work, passion, dedication and skills if anybody wants to survive in this industry.


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