Aug 25

Hit Mouse – Simple And Exciting Android Game

Sometimes you dont require a complicated games or first class graphic in this matter to stay at the top chart. Hit mouse is classic and easy arcade games for Android where within this game, you have to strike a mouse with a hammer as well as predicting which hole he will show up to. However surely you can find more than that definitely which can make everyone loves this game. Having its simple gameplay and cute graphic, you will have lot of fun smacking and pounding the mouse in your smart phone screen. Lets look at what the game has to offer below.


The storyline tell around a number of mouse invading your village and stole your chess along with the corn plus everything, so the only reasonable method of deal with it’s in line with the game, struck them with out doubt. The reason why Hit Mouse is fun is the fact that you wont harmed any real mouse even though you may hit all of them with a freaking hammer with a nail. Whilst the mouse looks sweet and adorable, there isn’t any way hes planning to stop robbing your goods. Then you definitely search them, displayed with several hole and wait for the mouse to come out.

Once the mouse is start up, you need to move your finger as fast as you can to kick the mouse. If you think that its simple and easy, wait until you try to the next level since the freaking mouse really show up fast as hell and they even mock you. Whenever you strike the mouse on the right time, they are going to go dizzy and hell yes you are able to mock them. Dont be so happy though since not just one mouse that you’ll take care of, you can find hundred of them keep coming out and also smile to your face.

The graphic is very interesting while the rats have two teeth that continue to keep showing up and humorous face if it got strike. Furthermore, the level gets more and more difficult. That exactly what arcade game should anyway, you must master every move as well as act quickly as you can to win the game. You can check your high score and also compared it with your friends. You may also post it for the world leader boards to match it with another player around the globe. If you want to experience the classic and exciting arcade game within your Android, you can grab this game on Google play free of charge.


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