Feb 23

How Puzzles Can Assist With Team Building.

The term puzzle could refer to a brain teaser type of puzzle in which group effort would be required to figure out the problem and/or solution, or it could refer to an actual jigsaw puzzle event. How would you incorporate a jigsaw puzzle into team building?

A Puzzle Exercise
Start by separating your group into teams. Give each team pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and give simple instructions to put the puzzle together as fast as possible. Imply or even state that every team has the same puzzle and make sure the pieces seem as if they are complete. In actuality}}, there is only one jigsaw puzzle and the teams will not finish the puzzle until they work out the secret: team work!

Teams assume that they are competing against ona another and will generally take a while before they work out that the pieces they require the other team has.

The significance of teamwork is further highlighted by allowing the groups themselves figure this out, not by asking for assist from the team manager. Eventually they figure out the point of working together for a shared goal.

There are some logistical notes on this puzzle game; make sure you find a jigsaw puzzle complicated enough to convince teams that there are truly a few different puzzles to use. Ensure there are sufficient pieces to occupy all colleagues of the team. Clues might be given to assist teams (such as what the image is) especially if it’s a comparatively short puzzle game. You might also select to provide a prize upon completion of the puzzle within a certain time period. The winners would be the entire group, once they figured out the problem. There are no winners or losers in this exercise; team cooperation is the objective!

Other Puzzle Activities
Puzzle games require a substantial amount of patience and team work if a few people are participating. Puzzle challenges can be an educational challenge like the previous exercise or could be a regular puzzle session where pieces are put together by staff as quickly as possible. If possible, use jigsaw puzzles that relate to the industry you are in.

Puzzle gmaes are an excellent way keep your team motivated and to liven up a boring office spirit. Puzzle exercises can be used as ice breakers, training sessions, workshop challenges, seminars, conferences and other meetings. Puzzle exercises can also refer to lateral thinking puzzles, trick questions, brain teasers, logic puzzles and number puzzles.

When orchestrating a puzzle exercises, remember that it’s not so much the puzzle that’s fundamental, rather the point you are trying to create with this team building exercise. You may be trying to stress the significance of team work or you may wish to demonstrate a point about communication. Whatever your intentions remember that the puzzle is a demonstrating technique and must focus on the problem at hand.


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