Sep 27

Life Facts, Your Life Record Depends on How Well You Play the Game of Life

Here is an interesting life fact: your “life record” depends on how well you play the game. More specifically, it often comes down to how you play the “second half” of the game. In the game of life, it’s very easy to get caught up in the results of the game and lose your focus. And that’s when it starts to feel like you’re losing the game. You’re not getting the results you want in your life.

I read a post on Andy Andrews’ blog recently, entitled The Second Half Is About To Begin. It is a timely article that talks about the notion of taking advantage of “halftime” to reset your strategy for how to play the game of life.

On a yearly basis, as the annual holiday season winds down, it is natural for us to spend some time in self reflection. Where am I relative to my goals? Am I happy? What can I do differently going forward to get the results I really want?

This is healthy, and if you approach the days leading up to each New Year’s as a halftime break of sorts, it affords you the opportunity to reformulate your game plan. It affords you the opportunity to reshape your life record, so to speak, and to create more wins in your life.

You are wiser now than in the past and you have the benefit of the life experience that you have gained. When you step back to reflect, you can see what is and isn’t working well in your game. All it takes to turn the game around is to make a few adjustments and attack with a renewed sense of vigor and energy.

All it takes is a moment to refocus on the prize you are playing for.

So what are you playing for? What adjustments are you going to make to your game plan right now? Write them down. Revise your winning life strategy, set your inentions clearly, and then start playing your second half. Take stock to see how your life record then changes in terms of the results you begin to see.

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