Apr 24

Mossaique – Unique Puzzle Game For Android

Along with the growing of so much mobile games available on the market, you can find sometime a decent game deep down on the list. There are plenty of puzzle game on the market indeed, for example where is my water, cut the rope, and many more. Its hard to determine either the game is good or nut just based on the screen shot. You need to play it, understand it, and of course is it the game make you want to play it again and again or not. Mossaique is a unique puzzle game available for iOS, if you look to the screen shot there is nothing much about this game, but waits until you play it. Lets see what this game has to offer below


Even though the graphic is simple and pretty basic, you will get lot of challenges from this game, Mossaique is a new game available for iOS that will make your brain work a little bit and relax. If you are that kind of person who loves riddle and solving puzzle is your thing, then this game is definitely for you. The challenges will make you curious and wonder how to solve the puzzle with a perfect score and as quickly as possible. Backed by a colorful block and nice graphic, your solving activity will become more fun and enjoyable.

The goal in this game is simple you need to clean out the colorful grid by arranging several colorful block in the same color. You can move the little block 360 degree around the clock, you need to carefully think how you want to move this block to make a perfect combination and complete the level. The color from the block that you have on your cursor will glow with a bright light. You need to finish the level before the time is run out and that what make the game even harder and challenging.

There are many extra challenges that you will encounter including the black block that cant be moved, if you shoot the wrong color block to the grid you can also switch it with the other color. After you erase and arrange all the same color block it will disappear and fill your time gauge again. There is only 7 different levels you can play with, each with normal or expert difficulty. This game use a really short time for you to think and that what makes this game worth to play, if you love puzzle and challenges you can download Mossaique on App store for $0.99.


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