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Learn How To Deal With Women Emotional Game

So you are trying to become much better at the art of seducing women right? You’re on the right track if you are searching for info. Knowledge is power and not so long ago, I was just a typical frustrated chump without seduction knowledge. I was what you could call a “nice guy”. In this article, I will show you some steps you must take in order to succeed with women and be the next casanova.

The very first point you must know is that women are emotional beings. Ladies operate in a 20% logic and 80% emotional. So you’ll in no way hit them with your logical side. This is one of the key secrets in the seduction game. Always appeal to their emotional side. Ladies seldom make any logical decision. And that is the good thing for us. If you could just trigger the right emotional buttons inside a woman, regardless of how ugly, stupid or fat you are, you’re in the game. But of course, not all of us know how to activate these buttons.

Obviously, I am not saying that you don’t have to take care of your looks and appearance. That is very important. If you don’t have a unique style and personality, your journey will be a lot tougher. But that’s only a portion of the game. No matter how handsome you are, if you act nervous and weird near pretty girls, you’re history. That’s it. So stick it in your mind that the inner game is much more important than your looks. I bet you can tell a number of cases in your city where you’ve seen gorgeous girls hanging with you can call “ugly man”.

But you see, these so called ugly guy have something unique. If you observe them carefully, you’ll see that they

Jan 27

Video game consoles- go into a new reality

It was long time ago when people used to think that only kids can have video game consoles. We now live in a much more developed world (socially and technologically) and there is no wonder that the adults interest towards the video game consoles is increasing. And why should it be surprising- as far as it is interesting and fun, everybody can play such games without feeling shame, embarrassment etc. Anyway, there are dozens of consoles which are available on the market (all of them can be purchased online also) but the variety of video games has become great which is why many people (kids and adults) are spoilt for choice.

Basically, there are three main kinds of video game consoles: PSP, Wii and PlayStation. Logically, each of them has advantages and disadvantages and determining any of them as “the one for you” is individual and depends on your age, interests and preferences. For example, PSP is great for people who do not like to stay home but love traveling and walking around. It can be used anywhere- in the street, the public transport and so on. Furthermore, the graphics is quite good and the quality of the games is high also!

The Wii is quite a new kind of video game but it attracted millions of fans very quickly also. The console magnifies not so much for its graphics but for its controllers! The controllers are absolutely intuitive and no time is needed for learning how to move the hero for example. Thats what makes the Wii quite good for kids at the age of around 8-10. Please note that it is still not recommendable for children below this age!

Play Station is definitely the kind of video game consoles which has proved itself as a leading brand and it

Jan 27

Hunting Big Game With The Right Rifle

This has been a debate for many years and will continue to be a debate among hunters for all eternity. There’s many different calibers of rifles to choose from. The most popular being the .270 and 30.06. More recently the 7mm and .300 have started to become mainstream rifles to take big game hunting. Most will agree it all depends on what type of animal you’re hunting. Obviously using a .270 with a low grain cartridge for a full grown bull moose is not the best option. While some will argue it’s ok if your shot placement is spot on.

5 months before my first big game hunt my father bought me my first Remington .270 bolt action. I loved that Remington .270 cause it was the rifle I shot and killed my first mule deer with, a beautiful 4-point buck. However when I started hunting elk I upgraded to a Remington 30.06 bolt action on my father’s recommendation. I can still remember him saying “elk are very strong animals and are very hard to put down.” That statement has stuck with me for many years and always comes to my mind when I’m elk hunting.

I can still remember the first elk I shot and killed. The area I hunt is spike only so that makes my options easy. I spotted him 2 days into the hunt about 450 yards away from my position. He was a big majestic spike. He had to be two years old due to the size of his body and his antlers or his father was a great big bull. Anyway the first shot that hit him went straight through his vitals, which didn’t stop him from moving downhill and I proceeded to put two more rounds into him finally bringing him down. I

Jan 25

The Most Famous Pc Games Of All Times

Do you have sufficient time up your sleeve and don’t understand what to do with it? In case you do not want to waste your time thinking about your ex or wander around and keep your mind off smoking then try try playing a few online games. Though there are numerous PC games that could keep you hooked and entertained, there are a few which are more well known than the rest. Let us look at some of them.

Talking about interesting PC games, the first name that comes to mind is Half Life 1& 2. Contrary to regular action games, this one features a solid and enthralling story line. This game is best known for offering different genres all together, ensuring that you remain entertained and amused all throughout. With the varied levels of art that this game incorporates, playing this game can make you feel that you are watching a movie.

Jazz Jack Rabbit is another hot favourite PC game. It’s in fact one of the oldest PC games and most of you might not have even heard about it. However, this game was regarded as one of the finest games in the 2D gaming era. This one came with a sequel which later became more popular than the predecessor. One standout attribute of this game which adds to its appeal is the interesting soundtrack. Another sequel of the game is stated to be launched soon.

Another popular PC game is Medal of Honor. This 1 is ideal for people who are interested in first shooter games. It made its way to the top of the popularity charts despite solid competition from other games such as Crysis. The general feel, look and background of the game is so designed that it may seem to you that you’re in

Jan 25

Rummy Is An Ancient Game And Plenty Of History Still Around The World

The major goal is to get purge of all of the cards in your hand by forming either sequence sets or dummy sequence. Rummy games almost all use this process of play and different is use some kind of a scoring system making the play for money much more attractive and also different in using of numbers of card for the game.
Online Rummy:
Technology frames the rummy game play process from manual handling to mouse click. By Manual handing all need to hold the cards and to search for the team to play together where as in online rummy all possible with one hand of mouse clicking process. Enroll to the online rummy game sites and enjoy the game play.
The online game of rummy becomes so popularity. Usually rummy game played at social gathering places or at home with family, but now it has become a valid time pass as well as a money making source for the people all around the world.
What is Online Rummy game you are playing; it is nothing but the similar process of manual rummy. Calculations of points, game begin with the players through toss and arrangement of players also possible with correct process than manual.
An online Rummy game is also called as modern rummy, which is the integration and invention of different countries. Here, Indian online rummy game dealt with two types they were:
Pool Rummy Game 101, 201, BO3
Strikes With joker and Without Joker.

Play Flow for Online Rummy:
Play the Indian rummy game by selecting the domain ace3.com and register yourself at the given fields. By registering itself you can earn 5000 free promo chips for free. Once you registered at ace3 the activation mail send to the registered

Jan 24

Have A Look At Epokemongames.com Nowadays

There are several video game franchises which may have changed the planet: some of the titles are Mario, Zelda yet others. Not one of them are as popular as Pokemon although. Pokemon has made a genuine wave and it has been on the marketplace for almost Twenty years. It has all started with Nintendo’s creative designers developing a compilation of highly profitable video games on its hand held lightweight gaming system known as Gameboy. These types of Pokemon games have rapidly become popular in Japan among children. After the yr the decission was taken that its a wise idea to make a Japanese anime following the highly effective business.

The cartoons proved to be a massive success in Japan and also overseas. This really is just how Pokemon is now well-liked in the U . s . and Europe. The children from all over the world love Pokemon as well as the idea behind it: that every kid may have a adorable little creature that can protect them and become their friend. This cultural boom has spawned a lot of merchandise: toys and games, figures etc. This authorized the development of much more Pokemon games and cartoons on this matter. Now you can even participate in Pokemon Games Online.

One of the better web sites where you can Play Fun Pokemon Games Online is at present referred to as E Pokemon Games and can be utilized at the following web address epokemongames.com. It contains all the most widely used Pokemon games which were ever launched. You now or maybe your kid can have a flavor all the excellent video games which have rendered Pokemon into a throughout the world hit. It has never been so easy to play a Pokemon video game just before. You merely go towards the website,

Jan 23

Video Game Instruction Booklets

With every new video game purchase, you will find a humble paper booklet included inside the game case. This is commonly known as the video game instruction book. Some video game instructions are just a few pages of basic info, while others are thick, full colour books, containing maps or lots of crucial background information–without which you will have a very frustrating experience as you attempt to play the game. Sometimes whole areas of a game may not be obvious to you without the video game instructions to provide an overview of the action.

As anyone who has ever tried to sell their used game on eBay knows, video game instructions are a must if you want to fetch top dollar. Particularly if the game is in question is at all rare or collectible. So what to do if you have lost or mangled your video game instructions? Not to worry, there are sources online where original replacement video game instructions can be purchased. The expense of replacing the booklet can often be very slight compared to the increased value of the complete game.

Even if the game is not especially rare or valuable, some gamers are very particular about having a complete collection in pristine condition. If they find themselves without the video game instructions for one of the games in their collection, they will go to great lengths to track down a suitable copy of the missing game manual so that they can rest easy, knowing that their collection lacks for nothing.

While many video game instructions can be found online in the form of PDF scans or gamer written walkthroughs, true collectors scorn such things, knowing that nothing but the original booklet will satisfy their completes souls.

Even when playing games with extensive help features built in,

Jan 22

Matching With Friend – Have Fun With Your Friend In This Game For Android

Zynga among the top developers for mobile platform game as well as browser games lately release another exciting game on the market called Matching with Friend. The same as another Zynga games that is often a simple and fun mini game which can be play online along with your friends, this game is typical easy puzzle you have often seen before. Just like the name stated, on this game you must compete with your friends by matching various tiles on the very same color and obtain the higher points nevertheless, the game definitely has much more to deliver, lets check out what this game is offering below.


Matching with Friends is simply another puzzle game only with various thrilling aspect for multi-player mode. The aim is easy, you have to match precisely the same tile using the same colour by smartly placed the tile in the right spot, you can also use power up for example bomb to clear the board and acquire more points than the other players. The puzzle is unique every single time you play it; this is what make matching with Friends certainly fun to enjoy as you cant guess what puzzle will come next time you play against your friends.

There are various power up that could be use when you fight your opponents to obtain more higher score such as the multiplier bonus, the bombs, special tile, plus more. You will fight another player on a match or together with your friends, by using quick match mode you can easily have an opponents immediately in case you dont have any friends yet at Matching with Friends. The quick match could instantly set you against random opponent straight away and also you have to score the most point to be able to win the

Jan 22

Trendiest Jigsaw Puzzles Over The Last Year Revealed

Think of a jigsaw and now you would possibly imagine an attractive rose cottage, a British seaside resort or a even red puffing steam engine standing proudly at the countryside railway station. These traditional 1950s- style jigsaws continue to remain in demand. Perhaps one reason is that they enable the assembler to re-connect the past, and who doesn’t like to wallow in a little nostalgia from time – to – time.

Once viewed as a pastime for older people, jigsaw puzzles are seeing somewhat of a resurgence. A great measure is that a now trendy Women’s Institute, full of 20 and 30 yr olds, are enjoying competitive jigsaw puzzle nights. The Islington branch as an illustration held one particular evening recently. But are these conventional nostalgic puzzles still popular with younger generation – afterall there is certainly much more choice these days including personalised jigsaws and quirky cartoon ones. There are also jigsaws of gory gothic images.

All Jigsaw Puzzles, the UK’s top online shops of puzzles, has compiled a long list of its most in-demand puzzles

1. Personalised jigsaw puzzles (where pictures can be turned into photos)

2. 2010 Christmas Limited Edition Ravensburger Jigsaw (traditional-style)

3. 2010 Christmas Gibsons Special Edition Christmas Puzzle – (Gibsons)(traditional-style)

4.Christmas Wasgij 5 – That Lovely Christmas Feeling (Falcon / Jumbo) (in which the assembler will have to imagine what the jigsaw picture could be)

5. 2009 Christmas Limited Edition Ravensburger Jigsaw – Santa’s Christmas Supper (Ravensburger)

6. Special First Page of The Times Newspaper Jigsaw (personalised)

7. Christmas Wasgij 5 – That Lovely Christmas Feeling (cartoon)

8. Wasgij 16 – Catch of the Day (cartoon)

9. Jan van Haasteren Christmas Puzzle 2009 (cartoon)

10. Thomas Kinkade The Night Before Christmas (traditional)

Jan 21

How Hill Sprinting Can Improve Your Golf Game

Watching Tiger Woods this past week (pre knee surgery)reminded me that golf season is about to start for many people out there.

This is the time of year that I often get questions about how to best train to improve your golf game. Questions like this one:

“Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am going to ask it anyway. I am a 45 year old male, and I live in the Northeast. I am currently amassing information for me to devise my off season fitness program for the glorious sport of…(please sit down before continuing)…GOLF!

Currently, my winter program is going to be extremely eclectic, with a combination of weights, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, stretching/yoga/pilates, and, up till now jogging.

Enough background…my question is this… will hill sprinting help with my golf game? Intuitively, I would say anything that burns (the blubber) off my body is going to be beneficial to all aspects of my game and life, and further, the strength built in my leg muscles through your program must help as well, but I want to hear what you think.

I hope I haven’t wasted too much of your time, and again, if this is a stupid question, feel free to say so.



No question is stupid Brian. Although I admit I had to do some research to match hill sprint training with the game of golf. Here goes.

Yes, hill sprints will help your golf game – and here’s 7 ways they’ll do it:

1. Dynamic and static stretches done on the hill can increase your flexibility. This can lead to longer backswings which will generate more club head speed – in other words, you’ll hit the ball farther and straighter.

2. Hill sprints will strengthen your abs – this will help prevent

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