Nov 28

Paintball Gun The Mechanics Of The Game

Are you looking for a fun hobby? Aside from engaging yourself with sports, there are also other games that could be fun in your pastime. Other love to do fishing on their pastime, video games, golf, and etc. But to make a difference, you could try playing paintball. For sure you have already heard about this game. This game is being played by two teams that are composed of at least five members. Each member has their own individual paintball marker or paintball gun that is loaded with paintballs. The mechanics of the game is to eliminate all the members of the other team by shooting them with your paintball gun.

In this game, there is an arbiter that gives the signal to start and end the game and also holds the time, each game normally last for 15 minutes. The arbiter is also the one in charge if the player is out or not. The player should also be honest if he/she is hit. Each team has different color of paintballs to determine if you are hit by the other team. By the way, the two teams are divided into two categories, the defensive team and the offensive team. In this game theres a flag that needs to be protected by the defensive team. The offensive team need to get the flag from the defensive to win the game. Then the defensive team need to do all the best they can to protect the flag from the offensive team.

Another way of winning this game is to eliminate all the team member of the other team. This game requires strategies and skills. Its like playing the popular computer game Counter Strike. This is the battle between terrorist and police. This is also a good training if you are planning to go into military service in your country.

For safety of this game, there are also required gears that need to be worn by players. Since paintball gun are loaded with CO2 to produce power in shooting your opponent. This really hurt a lot. So for your body you have the vest, goggle for you eyes or mask, and gloves. These gears are all required before you could play the game. This will prevent any unwanted accidents to happen.


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