Oct 22

Ps3 Red Baron Arcade – Top Playstation 3 Game

You will see so many games being offered in so many different versions that it seems there is a glut of quantity but there is a shortage of quality. It’s very refreshing when a so called budget game turns out to be more fun than one of the branded Playstation 3 games that are supposed to be the cream of the crop.
The PS3 version of Red Baron Arcade is an inexpensive game, with a retail price of only $19.99. It also lacks the extra features and the depth of other video games that cost more. However, many of those extra features don’t actually contribute anything to your enjoyment, which is the most important part of buying video games. Red Baron Arcade has no cut scenes, voice actors, or complicated structure. However, you will find yourself having so much fun that you won’t mind that the developers didn’t spend millions of dollars to create this game.
Ps3 Red Baron Arcade seems to me to be an attempt to take one of the first arcade games ever, Red Baron by Atari, and update it 25 years later. The original was a green and black 4 frame-per-second vector graphic wire frame flier. Sometimes I still play it today just to feel the retro coursing through my veins!
Ps3 Red Baron Arcade features 23 single player missions as well as online multiplayer missions through GameSpy. It also allows you to set the controls to either “arcade” or “simulation.” The stick behaves more realistically under simulation mode, whereas arcade mode is mostly just point-and-shoot without having to worry about the actual method involved in flying a plane. This choice allows the game to appeal to both the casual gamer and the flight simulator enthusiast who might want a slightly more realistic experience.
But beyond that, there isn’t much realism to be found here. Enemy planes often appear out of thin air to join the battle, and of course what biplane or tri plane could carry so many darn bombs? There’s also an “energy” bar that refills over time that you can use to perform special maneuvers such as a turbo boost, and what my father (who is actually a pilot) refers to as an “Immelman,” that is, basically half a loop-de-loop with a twist that makes you nearly instantly change direction.
As soon as you start the game you are airborne and on a mission to shoot down other planes. You get other juicy targets like Zeppelins and get to go on bombing runs too. You get your choice of eight different planes to pilot and you can paint your plane in any colors you want. You’re not the only one doing the shooting, so you will get shot down too, but that’s part of the fun, and you can be back up in the air in no time.


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