Mar 22

Puzzles And Games – Tips And Tricks Pencil Puzzles

Pencil puzzles are not just for kids but for every group of age, gender and race. It is a fun playing game that creates an excitement when solving the puzzles. Various types of puzzles like logic puzzles, word searches and crossword puzzles are popular among many people in the world even in the age of computer games. Other types of puzzle games like secret codes, mazes, and spot the difference can add a challenging task to solve them. Let us discuss a simple but effective pencil puzzle, and its tips and tricks.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are genuinely very popular puzzle game among other puzzle games. To get started, you should tryout with a smaller puzzle that has few columns and rows. When you play the crossword puzzle it will improve your vocabulary skills. So you learn something when you play. It is wise to keep a small pocket dictionary handy. When you are playing the crossword, always look them up in the dictionary for new words. Starting with across and downward direction respectively can help you to solve the puzzle. Even experts say that it is better than solving the across and then the downward.

Playing a crossword is a challenging task. Solving the puzzle is easy when you put right words in the grid. Take your time to get right words because if you get the wrong words it will be hard to solve the whole puzzle. Some hints in the puzzle have a theme. For instance, a puzzle about football may contain words related to the game itself. Other hints such as the country United States may have answers like name of the president, national game, national bird and national icons.

Solving the spot the difference puzzle

This is yet another mental challenging puzzle game that requires good skills of sight. Put two images side by side and this will help to cross your eyes between two images easily. Staring at images is the trickiest part. Once you start to stare at two images, try to focus the middle part. Make one picture a base and then compare it with another one. Slowly the difference will be visible and it will make it easy to spot other differences.

Solving Word Search Puzzle

The best way to solve word search puzzle is looking for them one at the time. This will also lead you to another word. When you find the word, encircle them right away, and check the words on the lists. Once you get it, slowly move to another part. The tip is if you start from the left part of the puzzle the words will be more visible from the scrambled words from the puzzle. Once you do it, move to the right and repeat the process after you have found the word.


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