Nov 29

Quick Party Games For Adults

With 4 quick party games pre-planning for the adults can be a sure fire way to have a successful party. Adults love games so keep your guests happy with a selection of fun games. Keep in mind that everyone may not want to join in every game so have enough of a variety to peak everyone’s interest. Get everyone in the party mood with a trivia game that spans the years. Gather trivia then put together 50 or more questions that have answers from history, politics, world events, classic TV shows, new TV shows, classic movies, new movies, music from the 1940’s until today, and bestselling books. Give party favors for the correct answers and a special favor to the guest who answers the most trivia questions.

Name That Tune is another of the really quick party games for adults. Depending on the age of the adults you can pick songs from the sixties, seventies, eighties, or nineties. Play about five or ten seconds of the song and let them yell out the answer. The first right answer wins. You can also let them raise their hands and pick the first person, but letting them shout it out will get the party environment flowing faster. Have lots of party favors ready. At the end, the person with the most right answers gets a special party favor.

Shark! Shark! is an adult party games that is exciting. Divide the guests into couples. Give each couple a very large sheet of craft or butcher’s paper; four feet square works well. It does not matter if different couple’s sheets overlap at first. Tell the pairs that they are on a small boat in the ocean with sharks all around them. Little by little the sharks are biting off the outside of the raft. In order to stay alive they must stay on the raft (their sheet of paper). The couple starts out standing on the whole sheet of paper, and then the games leader folds everyone’s paper in half, then in fourth and so on. The pair has to stand closer and closer as the paper raft gets smaller and smaller. The first couple to fall into the water by stumbling off the raft is out of the game (since they just got eaten by the sharks!). The last pair standing on the paper wins. They will have to be .extremely close together to manage this.

Another quick party game for adults is Senior Moment. When people can’t remember something they tend to say they are having a “Senior Moment”, that’s the idea behind this game. In the center of the party area, on a tray put approzimately 10 small things. Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil and let them gather around the table. Give everyone a good look at the tray for one minute then cover the tray. Now everyone has to write down what was on the tray. The person who remembers the most items wins.


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