Jun 02

Revolutionary pay Per Play Board Game Model To Change Board Game Industry…

If you are a board game enthusiast, you are sure to find a PAYPER board game a refreshing change versus traditional board games. It is a new concept in marketing and distributing board games, which unlike other printable board games, uses a “pay per play” model, where the player only pays each time they play the game. To facilitate this model, a PAYPER board game involves the downloading and printing of some unique information in order to play each game.

A PAYPER board game should be easily constructed using a color printer and standard board game components. If a game requires rare or difficult components (such as large card sets) to manufacture, it is recommended the board game inventor create and ship these to the player.

The PAYPER board games concept offers some significant advantages compared to traditional board games, such as:

1.The “pay per play” concept will save you a lot of expense as compared to traditional board games, since you only pay for the game that you download and play. This is typically 50-80% cheaper than traditional board games.

2.If you are unsatisfied with any of the PAYPER board games, your purchase can be refunded. All printable board games come with a 45 Day – 100% Money Back, FUN Guarantee.

3.You will be sure to enjoy our unique referral reward system, wherein after your initial purchase you can play printable board games for FREE by referring friends to purchase and play a PAYPER board game.

4.You can play our printable board games at the comfort of your own home. You just need a computer, a printer, and an internet connection and you can play the game in an instant. Save the hassle of going elsewhere just to find an interesting game that might suit you.

Knowing how difficult it is getting new game titles published, I came out with the “pay per play” board games concept. For board game inventors the PAYPER board game model provides a much cheaper, lower risk method of self marketing and distributing their board game. This will result in more great board games being available for board game enthusiasts.

To find out more about PAYPER board games and trial one of PAYPER board games, Lies and Spies, simply visit www.payperboardgames.com.


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