Sep 28

Second Life and other game Diablo 3 mad

Random maps and destructible scene organ, though not original design of the game, but the game is still the player will dig to a certain depth. Random maps to diablo 3 buy join, so that players repeatedly through different copies of the same difficulty, there will be a different experience. Players can interact with the scene, but also reinforces the true extent of the game and playability.

Another advantage of the game, is to enrich the story system. Although Diablo three remarkable sense of combat, but its only a total of four chapters of the story, it is so great importance to the story of the players can not help some regret. The Tibetan legend with a huge backdrop for the many branches of the player presents a wonderful story, so like the story of the game players can dig with NPC gradually into the mysterious Tibet, and explore the mysteries of the unknown.

Finally, mention is that Tibetan legendary players in order to enhance the interaction between, providing a common main city MMORPG systems, servers, all the players can also complete the transaction in a main town, chat, team, etc. operation, for the players of the game provides a great convenience, but there is also the main city to better coordinate development of the plot’s sense.

From BlizzPlanet news, Swedish tax authorities require that all transactions through the online game player gains tax. The department with Second Life and other game Diablo 3 made ??examples. Players need to report all income to the tax authorities amounts, but the most strange thing is that the player must also record the identity of purchase. This is all the required standards of traffickers in Sweden, and has reached the age of legal taxes.

That through the game’s auction house for online cash transactions or similar acts, must find the identity of the purchaser, and records and tax returns. Currently very few players reportedly declared, because we all know Diablo 3 cash auction is anonymous mechanism is where to buy guild wars 2 very difficult to find a buyer big. Plus the Swedish population itself is also less, it is difficult to see this law for the amount of gains tax department. Reportedly, the duty order has attracted a small part of the Swedish player’s dissatisfaction.


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