Nov 24

Sonic Games A Game For All

Every now and then, games get released and there’s always one or more sections of the gaming crowd that are left out. This is because most games have a target audience; they have violence and gore ratings. Some even have adult ratings. So when it comes to finding a game that will suit everyone, the choices are very limited indeed. There are always very few games in the market that will appeal to everyone alike. And by everyone I mean every one of all ages – kids, pre-teens, teens, adults and even senior citizens. Now if that is challenging, then consider this – most games that you will find will not be very entertaining. So you are likely to get bored very easily.

But there is one game that really should get an award for satisfying generations of gamers for over one and a half decades. This Sonic The Hedgehog, an amazingly original game from Sega that had created a completely new wave amongst gamers when it first came out. However, you have to remember that this was way back in 1991 and hence the gaming consoles had only gotten 16bit from 8bit. So the graphics and the sprites may not compare to what you may be used to in modern times. But when compared to its contemporary games, Flash Sonic really wins out in its originality and great design. The enhanced color palette in the new 16bit console was fully utilized and it was one of the best looking games of its time.

So what makes this game such a timeless masterpiece that appeals to all who come across it? First of all, it is the simplicity of the game. It may be slightly difficult for absolute first timers, but even they will start playing the game fully after spending a few minutes with the game. The controls are smart and simple and there isn’t much to learn in that department. What will really thrill out though, is the speed at which Sonic will run though the acts. This is perhaps the most challenging part, getting used to the concepts of speed and acceleration within such a game. But once you get a hand on it, the gameplay is nothing short of absolutely addictive. It is so much fun playing through the levels or blazing through them, you will not want to look at another game for quite some time to come.

It is also extremely family friendly because it lacks any sort of violence, suggestive content or gestures. So you can easily let your child play this game without any kind of supervision. But even for an adult, this can be the most fun sonic game you have ever tried. The colors are beautifully done and the music was created especially for the game. So the game has originality in every aspect. Adult gamers mostly like the game because it is very challenging to play, especially the timed acts, which you must finish within a stipulated time.


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