Aug 31

Super Action Heroes – Cool Action Game For Android

There are many sorts of action games on the market for instance Zombie survival, first person shooter, hack and slash Rpg, and more. For those who are looking for more super heros type and beat em up gameplay then you need to have a look at Super Action Heroes. Created by com2us, Super Action Heroes definitely will offer you high-quality games in your Android. Com2us renowned for making quite plenty of top and great game on android market. The developer from Japan localizes their game to the global market quite a lot lately by changing the text into as you can guess English. Lets have a look at how good is this game below.


Super Action Heroes or familiar with called SAH is an action game where you play among the cool stick figure having super power and decide to be heroes. In the game you have to beat a number of bad guy with your powerful strike by kicking their arse. Your main goal is to finish each level that has various missions like killing a number of enemy, using skill, or just escape the death. The control is very easy, everything was properly detailed so all you have to do is swipe your screen and follow the instruction. There are numerous technique to make a combo and also the battle is very fun.

Once you beat the enemies, your heroes could make an awesome move and effect. You’ll be able to hold to release an impressive power upon you,. Next to pooch and kick, you can also use Gun and another weapon. One of the greatest think for this game is that you can customize your own heroes in virtually every part. You can get yourself you own face mask even sketching it yourself. Acquire unique tool, and obtain funny outfit too for sure. Nevertheless these upgrade need coin, and to be able to get it you must complete each mission using your power. The mission sometime quite easy and lots of time so frustrating to finish, I dont know about you guys however I feel like the control is pretty difficult to master.

Although the graphic is 2D, nonetheless com2us game normally offer a nice and smooth 2D graphic. Farmville has unique graphic, clean animation, and a nice game play. You can see a lot of content ranging from your very own outfit and stuff into enemy character. The movement out of your attack can be upgrade and you will also buy a new move to create a different chain combo. Super Action heroes is one of the best game on the market for Android without a doubt. You are able to download the game on Google play for free.


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