Jul 29

Text Game – Best Flirty Text Messages

Text game is the art of sending women flirty sms to produce intrigue and attraction that lead to seeing her again.

It’s not mystery that women like to flirt via text, so as a guy you should discover ways to text women in a fun flirty way.

So you can forget sending lame sms that bore her to death!

If you ever contain the urge to text a woman you only met “hey you” or “whats up” do us a favor and take your left hand, raise it near that person, and proceed to bitch slap the boring out of your system!

Ok, but seriously how about some flirty texts that you could actually use…

You: Hey cutie, you crazy about me yet? Her: Haha we just met yesterday! Me: Wow you’re staying longer than I was thinking;)

It’s fun and flirty, and greatest coming from all…its slightly cocky playing with a funny way.

Me: are planning on me…my ears are burning:p Her: haha how’d you understand?

Many women will go as well as your flirty texts.

Me: congratulations Her: For which? Me: you only popped in my head….congratulations;)

Remember, if you are sending her teasing/flirty sms, be sure to mix funny with all the cocky.

Cocky by itself gets old fast and might create you appear to be a prick. Funny alone will make you look like a dancing monkey. But cock mixed with funny works like pure magic.

Use smiley face emoticons so she knows you’re joking.

Remember its just one tool on your text game tool belt. Don’t overuse it. Mix it up with other kinds of flirty texts.

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