Sep 27

The Best Golf Driving Tips To Improve Your Game

Successful golfers pay a lot of attention to driving because perfect drives in golf can make a major difference between winning and losing a game. Many golfers fail because their drives are not very effective. Some golfers succeed in the game because they have the best golf driving tactics. On the other hand, many professionals are not very successful because of ineffective drives. So, what are the best golf driving tips? Why do so many golfers fail?

Some golfers tee the ball too low; as a result, they fail to have perfect drives. Teeing the ball too low hinders an effective shot. Therefore, it is necessary to tee the ball up in such a way that the top half of the ball is above the clubface when the club rests in a starting position on the ground. Achieving the top half ratio is necessary to make sure that the ball is stroked with the club head center.

Many golfers position their hands very close to their body during set up. This is another problem which acts as an obstacle while taking a backswing and the follow through as well as while taking an up-and-down or a vertical shot. Therefore, it is necessary to position your hands at a correct distance from your body to facilitate better shots. This makes the drive powerful with little effort in the right direction. Proper positioning is one of the best golf driving tips adopted by successful golfers.

Some golfers make the mistake of lifting their front foot during the backswing. This often results in a reverse weight shift causing a shank shot or a hook. If the ball is quite far from your stance, the ball will be stroked during your downswing. A small deviation caused by the lifting of the front foot during the backswing makes it very difficult to hit the ball correctly. Therefore, it is important to avoid lifting your front foot while taking a backswing; otherwise, you won’t be able to hit the ball correctly.

Besides the physical position, many golfers lack confidence when it comes to taking a good shot. Most of them take a correct stance but are unable to hit the ball correctly in the middle due to lack of confidence. Hence, it is necessary to develop a positive mindset in order to achieve perfect shots.

In addition to confidence, proper concentration is necessary while taking your stance to hit the ball at the correct time. You are sure to deliver better shots if you hit the ball correctly at the right time in the right position. Thus, concentration and self confidence are the key to attain better golf shots. These are some of the most important golf driving tips which will help you perfect your game.


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