Apr 23

Throw A Veterans Day Party With Party Games For Everyone

Veterans Day commemorates the fallen and current soldiers who served in the United States Armed Forces dating back to 1918. Why not throw a Veterans Day party and add fun and games to the mix? Throwing a party in a veterans honor is a great way to show appreciation and thanks for helping shape the United States into the country it is today.

Toss The Bean Bag On Veterans Day. Bean Bag Toss is a classic party game in which players toss bean bags at tin buckets or other containers. For Veterans Day Party Supplies, decorate the buckets with Untied States Armed Forces by painting the buckets in the various military factions – Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, and Coast Guard. Every player gets to throw a bean bag a certain amount of times in order to land it into the bucket. The player who can make the most throws is declared the winner. With all party games, offer party favors such as military patches, t-shirts, and other military related items.

Capture The Flag. Capture The Flag is a fun game perfect for large groups in an open area. The object of the game is to capture the opposing teams flag. So, first we’ll need two teams. The flags should be spaced as far apart as possible with one teammate guarding the flag while the others search for the opposing teams flag. If one team captured the flag they must then run the flag to the center of the party area and place it in a circle (marked off with tape) and that team is declared the winner.

Land Mines. Land Mines is played by placing a group of cups filled with water or water balloons on the ground. The object of this game is to navigate the mine field as to not step on or kick over the water cups. Every player who must navigate the minefield is blindfolded and is guided where to step with the aid of his or her teammates.

Coloring Pages. Have some of the younger party guests color Veterans Day imagery such as on old Veteran saluting the American Flag and other patriotic symbols such as the United States flag, Bald Eagle, patriotic ribbons etc.

Get ready for a great Veterans Day Party when choosing Veterans Day party supplies and invitations, as well as great party games for all of your guests.


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